SSL Secure Certificates

What is an SSL Secure Website?

As standard, any data transmitted via your website, including customer emails and personal details can be intercepted and used for malicious purposes. Making your website secure helps prevent such data from being stolen and encrypts the information that is transmitted through your website. As its not a requirement for all websites to be secure, usually a website will not be secure by default.

Do you need your website to be Secure?

E-commerce and other websites that collect personal data from customers should be secure. While other types of websites may not need to be secure, there are benefits to being so.

As internet users become more concerned by online security, they can be extremely anxious about using a website that isn’t secure. Not having a secure website could effect the performance of your website, number of enquiries and potential sales as potential customers are deterred from providing any information online; for example sending an email or using an enquiry form.

How can you tell if a website is secure or not?

A secure website will usually show a padlock icon in the address bar, and the URL of the website will start with https:// rather than just http:// . A non-secure website will usually warn the customer it is not secure by either displaying a message or an (!) icon in the address bar, (in addition to the URL starting with http://).

How can you make your website secure?

You will need an SSL certificate which will then need activating on your website.

This is something usually your website designer and hosting company will need to help you with. Some hosting packages will include a free SSL Certificate. A free SSL certificate usually lasts for 3 months, and then needs manually renewing by your website designer or hosting company. This can be a great way to secure your website without any additional cost. However, do bare in mind that the SSL certificate will not auto-renew and so when it expires, your website will not function normally until renewed manually by your website designer or hosting company.

Alternatively, you can buy an SSL certificate which will auto-renew, (subject to payment) each year. This removes the worry of your website being offline while waiting for someone to manually renew it.

Where you buy your SSL certificate from is very specific.

  • If your hosting is provided via Dan Ashton Websites or TSO Host then your website may qualify for a basic free SSL certificate. Otherwise, you should only purchase your SSL certificate from . In most cases, unless otherwise advised, the standard (cheapest) SSL certificate will do fine. Follow in the instructions on the TSO Host website to complete your purchase online, remembering to enter the domain name for your website when requested.
  • If you pay your hosting fee to any other company, (for example Fasthost, GoDaddy or 123-reg etc…) then you should contact them directly to enquire about purchasing a SSL certificate.

Once you have had confirmation that your SSL certificate has been issued and installed, please email so your website can be upgraded to show as secure.