Who better to help with your website SEO & Marketing in Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset than one of the areas top ranked website designers on Google.

All new websites I design will be submitted to Google on completion. I provide free advice to help you promote your website online and gain new customers or visitors to your website, and my SEO and Marketing tips can be found below.

However, even if your website was designed by me or someone else; there is more to getting found on Google, Yahoo or Microsoft Bing than simply having a website. The art of SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation is all about promoting your website across the web.

To get noticed, a website needs to be listed on local web directories, featured in blog posts and linked to from social media as well as taking advantage of valuable Google marketing tools, such as Google Maps.

This isn’t necessarily a difficult task if you have the time and understanding of what needs to be done. Alternatively, you can pay someone to undertake the job on your behalf. Below, I provide you with both options.

SEO Poole

To help your website get found online and perform better in search results, follow the steps below. Don’t worry if you don’t have the time or confidence to do this yourself. I can carry out this work on your behalf as part of my SEO Service.

  1. Check the text on your website includes the keywords you hope to be found for. These should be visible on the home page, and any relevant sub pages. Remember, Google and other search engines scan the words on your website to match against what someone has searched for. Therefore, if they can’t be seen on your website, its unlikely you’ll show high in the results.
  2. Submit your website to Google Business Maps. This will help people find you when they search locally and build confidence with new customers as they can see your contact details displayed directly on the Google search page. Make sure you accurately describe your service and include important keywords including different services or products you offer and the areas you serve. Once your Google Maps listing is verified and active, your customers will also be able to leave you reviews, which can greatly improve confidence in your business and encourage new customers to get in touch.
  3. Submit your business and website details to a local and nationwide business directories such as Dorset List and Yell.com . Listing your details on established website directories can increase your exposure online and help search engines to rank you higher as a listing on a directory is a sign that you are a genuine business.
  4. Link to your website from social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram . Posting links to your website on social media is not only a great way to reach new customers, but also another great way to get other search engines to notice your website too. The more social media posts, likes and shares your website features in – the better!
  5. A website that hasn’t been updated for a while can be considered no longer in use by search engines, and dropped from search results. Therefore, its important to update your website once in a while and refresh the content with new text and images.

My SEO and Marketing Service is designed to provide website owners with a simple and affordable way to get professional help boosting their websites performance on Google and other search engines. Its ideal for new websites that have never been properly optimised or published to Google and also for older sites that have become a little neglected. Its also the perfect service for website owners who don’t have the time or confidence to carry out SEO and marketing work for themselves.

For a one off flat charge of £150, I will carry out the following work to help your website rank higher with Google and get found by more new customers online;

  1. Update your website content and SEO to reflect up to 5 keywords or services. This update will not only benefit your website by way of refreshing the content, but also help your website to appear more frequently for your desired keywords in search results.
  2. Submit your website to Google Maps, or update an existing listing to ensure optimised correctly for your preferred keywords and services. This will help people when they search locally and build confidence with new customers as they can see your contact details displayed directly on the Google search page.
  3. Submit your website and a featured editorial post to Dorset’s premium and exclusive businesses directory, Dorset List. Your listing will also be upgraded to a lifetime ‘Premium Listing’ to ensure it appears before the free results and benefit from greater exposure.
  4. Post a link to your website from Facebook and Twitter social media accounts.

Please email me if you would like more information or to proceed with this service. Alternatively, you can carry out some of the above yourself by following the steps in our DIY SEO & Marketing Guide.