Google To Penalise Non-Mobile Friendly Websites

Google To Penalise Non-Mobile Friendly Websites

With more and more people now using their smart phone or tablet to browse the internet, Google are turning their attention to ensuring the websites it shows in search results are mobile optimised, or ‘Responsive’.

A Responsive Website is one that adjusts to fit onto a smaller screen, so visitors can read the information without having to zoom in. Page links are also shown differently to make it easier to navigate from one screen to another on a small screen.  Also many older websites still feature effects, or scripts, that are not compatible with mobile phones. A mobile optimised and responsive website will be designed to ensure what can be seen on a pc or laptop, can also be seen on a mobile device.

You may not be bothered about if your website is mobile optimised or not. In truth, if you are serious about attracting new customers, you should be.

For one, if a visitor to your site simply cannot read the content on their mobile phone, or navigate from one page to the next, they are likely to leave.

Secondly, Google is already showing web results with a message to say if the website is mobile friendly or not. So if yours isn’t, chances are fewer people will click on it in the first place.

To test if your website is mobile optimised or not, Google offer a Mobile Friendly Test, below. If you are concerned that your website is not mobile friendly, get in touch to see how I can help.

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