Free Website SEO Evaluation

Free Website SEO Evaluation

Lets be honest, there is no point having a website if no-one knows its there.

The art of getting your website found on Google and other search engines is called Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO for short.

Any good website designer will make sure your website is well designed and optimised from the start. But quite often, people come to me with websites that have even the most basic of SEO elements missing.

Actually, the basics of SEO are not as complex as some ‘experts’ might have you believe. So long as your website is well designed, with your keywords contained within unique and original content on each page then you are halfway there. Its important to make sure your website is frequently linked to from other sites and social media too.

But, if you’re sat there reading this thinking to yourself, ‘I have no idea where to start with SEO’ then please spare a moment to tell me a little bit about your website so I can provide you with a FREE SEO evaluation.

Use the form below to submit the details. I’ll take a look over your website as soon as I can, and get back to you personally without any obligation. Be assured, your details are not passed to anyone else.

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About Dan Ashton

Dan Ashton is the Google Ranked #1 Website Designer in Poole and Dorset, and provides affordable and jargon free services and support to small businesses and clubs throughout the UK and Europe. Dan began designing websites in 1998 and has been involved in creating and running websites ever since with experience in Search Engine Optimisation, Wordpress CMS Websites and promoting websites via Social Media including Facebook and Twitter. Follow @danashton on Twitter or for tips on running and marketing your own website.