If your email services are provided by Dan Ashton Websites, you may use the below settings to access your emails on your computer or laptop.

Accessing Your Emails Online

You can send and receive new emails by signing into your webmail account from almost any PC, Laptop, Phone or Tablet that is connected to the internet. This is useful for when your normal method of accessing your emails is unavailable.

To access your webmail account, go to http://webmail.gridhost.co.uk and enter your email address and password.

Please note that you should NOT use webmail as a permanent method of sending, receiving or storing emails as they are usually only stored in your webmail account for a limited period, and subject to deletion at any time.

Please ensure you set up email software on your PC, Laptop or other devices to send, receive and save emails using the details below. 

Sending and Receiving Emails

To ensure your emails are saved and backed up – you should use a proper email program on your Laptop or PC using the below POP3 settings. When set up correctly, this will also prevent your mail box from becoming full, which may result in new emails being rejected and effect the speed of your website.

Most computers or laptops will have an email program pre-installed such as Outlook or Mail. If you do not already have an email program installed by default, you can download Thunderbird for free here .

You may wish to consult an IT expert or the relevant support service / forum for your chosen email software if unsure about setting up emails yourself.

  • Email Address – The email address created for you by Dan Ashton, eg john@yourwebsite.co.uk
  • Incoming POP3 Mail Server – mail3.gridhost.co.uk
  • Incoming Username – Your email address (as above)
  • Incoming Password – Email password as provided by Dan Ashton
  • Incoming Port Number – 995
  • Outgoing SMTP Mail Server – mail3.gridhost.co.uk
  • Outgoing Username – Your email address (as above)
  • Outgoing Password – Email password as provided by Dan Ashton
  • Outgoing Port Number – 465
  • Turn SSL on. (SPA off)
  • SMTP Authentication: On (On some devices, select “Use same password as incoming server” or “Password” mode)


Some devices, especially mobile phones and tablets may require IMAP settings as below

  • IMAP Server: mail3.gridhost.co.uk
  • IMAP Port: 993
  • SSL: On
  • SPA: Off