Too Many Cooks, and all that Jazz…

Too Many Cooks, and all that Jazz…

I often get asked by people if registering lots of web addresses to use on one website will help. Well, no. It wont. For example, if a customer has a window cleaning business and he already has a website at , then would registering and help get him to number one in Google?

Its a hard one to answer sometimes – so here goes.

There’s a popular old saying, “Too many cooks spoil the broth”. Well, I have one also, “Too many domain names seriously reduce the quality of your websites SEO and organic search results”. Its just not quite so catchy!

When you have a website – it is hosted on the web and is accessed by its main URL / Web Address. In Bob’s case, that would be . This is rather like your home address. Its the place you are registered as residing officially. If we didn’t want someone to find out where we lived, we’d give them the wrong address.


Remember, that the best way to promote your website online is making sure we have links coming to it from other websites, directories and social media. Every time Bob adds the link, on a website – Google matches it to his website at, and gives him a point. The more Bob does this, the higher he will climb on Google.

But, if Bob decides to buy a different domain name just because it looks good, and then adds a link to his website using – Google knows this isn’t his real website address, and so doesn’t give him any points. Bob’s position on Google remains unchanged.

Its doesn’t do any harm. But the point is, it doesn’t do any good either. So really, all you are doing is wasting your time and money. If there is a domain name you really want to buy that is relevant to you business – You are better off buying it – and then doing nothing with it. This at least stops someone else buying it, and using it as their official web address. Spend your time advertising your actual web address instead.

So, you might ask – what about if I set up a different website to use with the new domain name?

Well, yes, that’s fine if that’s what you want to do. But you will then have to work twice as hard promoting each website to equal measures for either of them to stand a hope of appearing in Google search results. Each would be fighting against the other. Imagine if you owned both Tesco and Asda, or Virgin and British Airways, or BBC and ITV. You would be making life very difficult for yourself if your goal was to ensure both had the same high volume of customers.

Note also, that Google hates to see duplicate content on a website. Rightly so too. So you would have to ensure each other website was completely different to the last.

Unless each site is about a very different subject, there is simply no point in having various versions of it.

Stick to one site and one domain. Why make your life any harder than it is already?

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