SEO in Poole, Bournemouth & Dorset

As the Google ranked number one Website Designer in Poole and Dorset, you can be assured that I take SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) seriously. I enjoy helping my customers build on their websites success and support them with any questions they have with promoting their website online.

Having a website is all well and good. But if it is poorly optimised, then the chances are no one will ever know it exists.

I include initial Search Engine Optimisation with all new websites I design and will submit your website to Google, Yahoo and Bing. This will give it the best possible kick start for getting you noticed when people search online.

But if you already have a website and it is not performing well in search results, I can help by carrying out a review and making the required changes. I know myself how important it is to be found on Google – which is why I work hard to keep my website number one. I will apply the same effort to helping your site achieve the same.

Use my Free Website SEO Evaluation Service to find out how I could help you improve your websites performance online…

Website SEO Update Service

My website SEO service is perfect for anyone who is worried their website is poorly optimised or doesn’t want to rely on spending money on Adwords to get customers to their website.

For a one off fee, I will review your website SEO and where applicable, make any required changes to the home page content and global SEO settings based on your chosen keywords and business description.

This includes checking and editing your websites important META TAGS such as the Title, Description and Keyword settings that are vital for helping search engines understand what your website is about. I will also check and amend if needed, the content on your home page and look at other parts of your websites structure and design that might be damaging your search results.

I will then re-submit the website to Google via the proper methods.

But there is more to being found in search results than just having a well designed and optimised website. I will also provide support for getting your website listed on local and nationwide directories and guide you through promoting your website on social media, including Facebook and Twitter.

What does this service achieve?

Well, assuming your website is currently poorly optimised or not optimised at all, it will ensure that your website is optimised to the standards required by Google, Yahoo and Bing. It also teaches you the importance of building links to your website from other directories and social media, helping you continue to improve your websites search results on your own, without any on-going expense.

Its possible to make expensive mistakes if you are new to running a website. You may be tempted by advertising offers that sound too good to be true. Having an experienced designer to watch over you and guide you through good and bad marketing options can save you making such mistakes, and help steer your website to success.

To get my help with improving your websites search results, please get in touch by email or phone.