Reach More People on Facebook

Reach More People on Facebook

Hopefully, if you run a website – you also have a Facebook page to help promote it and interact with your customers or website visitors. But did you know that when you post a new comment or link, as standard it is only shown to a small percentage of your followers?

A great tool is the BOOST POST option. This allows you to select a wider audience of people who will get to see your post. But better than that, you can opt to show your post to people who don’t even know about you.

And, even better still, you can fine tune who gets to see your post including where they live, how old they are and even what their hobbies and interests are.

Its a great way to reach right onto the screen of new customers for your website and promote your brand or businesses, especially if you are just starting up.

Facebook will allow you set a target. You can run your post for a day, or spread it out over a week. The budget you set, will vary how many people are likely to see your post. This gives you the potential to get a message direct to hundreds or thousands of new visitors to your website.

I have always found this works best when set to run over a week.

Don’t rush into this. Think carefully about exactly what you are going to post. Make sure you give people something tempting to get them to want to visit your website or Facebook page. And remember they can also share your post with their friend – so the more exciting and unique your post or offer is, the more likely it is someone will want to share it with their friends and family. And anyone who knows how Facebook works, will appreciate this can soon snowball into quite a clever piece of marketing.

You can also upload a photo to go with your post – so make sure this is also eye-catching and represents your business or website well. Facebook wont allow pictures with (much) text – so better to just upload a photo with no writing or advertising slogans.

You’ll get a report to see exactly how many people have viewed your post, and even clicked on your link and shared with others.

Remember too, this also works best if you have a Mobile Optimised or Responsive Website. As you are paying to promote your website, it would be a shame if they couldn’t actually see it on their iPhone or Tablet. It may be worth considering upgrading your website if people cannot view it correctly on their mobile device. Test it here.

Give it a go!

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