Nothing to see here… Move along.

Nothing to see here… Move along.

Why are so many Facebook pages utterly useless for helping your website? If you have a Facebook page for your business, then you should already appreciate that the whole point of it is to promote your website and also build exposure for your business on Google and other search engines. 

So why are so many Facebook pages for businesses a complete waste of time and effort? Well, unknown to many Facebook users – their websites Facebook page is invisible to Google and hard for new customers to even discover.

Granted – its understandable why you would want to block every Tom, Dick and Harry from seeing what you did on your last night out, or that awkward picture someone has tagged you in and rightly so, you can set your personal Facebook privacy settings to stop this.

But, restrict people from view the Facebook page you created for your website is rather like sending out invites to people to come and view your wonderful art gallery – but then bolt the doors and block out the windows so no-one can actually see it.

Worse still – if you have blocked the public from seeing it, chances are the restrictions also prevent Google from seeing it too. And considering Google loves to see links to your website from social media websites – its a pretty unfortunate move.

So what to do?

The simplest way to check if you have a problem is first of all, copy the URL for the Facebook page you created for your website or business, eg: . Then, make sure you are SIGNED OUT OF FACEBOOK and then paste your Facebook link into the address bar.

If you can see your Facebook page, and all your links, posts and pictures – great. Nothing to fear.

If you can see the Facebook sign in page, you need to fix the issue asap.

To do this, go to the settings for your business or website Facebook page. Work through all the privacy and security settings to make sure it set so anyone can view your page, and that there are NO age or country restrictions turned on. If they are – Facebook requires the user to sign in to determine their age and where they live. Unless your Facebook page is about a subject that genuinely is only for the eyes of certain people – don’t restrict anyone from viewing it.

Now that your Facebook page can be seen by everyone, and Google – the links you post to your website will start to have a positive effect on your websites exposure and search results.

This is only really relevant if you are using Facebook to promote your website correctly in the first place. Make sure when you post a comment or information on your Facebook page – you include a link to your website. It sounds obvious – but many people forget to do this. Without a link to your website – anything you post to promote your website is pretty pointless as Google wont link the two.


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