Responsive Website DesignIn recent years, it has become more common to browse the internet using a mobile phone or tablet, than a laptop. You only have to watch people walking down the high street, sitting on a bus or waiting in a queue to see how many are using an iPhone or other mobile device.

Why is this important to website owners?

Well, traditionally – websites where designed to be viewed on a laptop or computer screen. The size and layout of the web page, pictures, text and logo where all planned around how well they fitted on a wide screen.

Try and view an older style or conventional website on a smaller screen, such as a mobile phone – and the content of the web page is hard to read, and often has text or images out of place. Many features used on conventional websites such as Flash, Java or other scripts and effects may even cause the website to fail completely.

A Mobile Optimised, or ‘Responsive’ website ensures only content compatible on all devices is included and allows a website to display on both a conventional computer or laptop screen as well as on a mobile phone or tablet. Logo’s, text and pictures are displayed and re-arranged on the page to make it easier to view, without the need for zooming in or altering the screen settings. Also, when viewed on a mobile device, the main menu links will change to make it easier to navigate the website too.

Recent changes to how Google shows search results, ( refered to by some as #MobileGeddon ) mean that when a potential visitor to your website is browsing search results on Google, a note will appear next to each website to confirm if the site is suitable for mobile phones.

Google MobileGeddon Mobile Friendly Website

What this could mean is, that if a potential customer cannot view your website on their mobile phone or tablet, they will move on to the next website which is mobile optimised.

Before you have a new website designed, ask your Website Designer if it will be Mobile Optimised.

Click Here to test your website and see how well it displays on a mobile phone.

Ask about a Mobile Optimised Website to avoid missing out on new business…