Lets Talk about Text…

Lets Talk about Text…

There are two or three vitally important parts to your websites design that make a BIG difference to how well it can be found in search results, like on Google for example.

But probably the most frequently neglected is the most obvious of all. The text.

Why? Well, Google will send its robots out to to scan the pages of your website – It will build up its own little file on you with a record of the words you use to describe what it is your website is about. Then, when someone searches Google, it will show results based on which website it has on file that contains words relevant to the search. Of course, there are other factors – such as the quality of the links you have to your website etc.., but without the basic content correct – you have little hope.

The problem comes when website owners get carried away with telling the visitor in great detail about the more bespoke or unique parts of their business or product. Yes, of course tell us how good it is, and every reason why we should buy it instead of an alternative half the price – but don’t forget to tell us what it actually is!

For example. In the case of a company offering a service; if you are a Gardener in Poole, you might say in great depth that you have exhibited at the Chelsea Flower Show, and have won awards for your Topiary or even tell us what type of shrub to plant in the darkest corner of our garden – but assuming you make money from being a Gardener, and you expect people to find you by searching for Gardener in Poole – Don’t forget to include the words – Gardener in Poole.

Likewise, if you are selling a Guitar Amplifier, you may quote the part number, and the power and that it has a wealth of effects. But, don’t forget to say its a Guitar Amplifier.

Yes, you may be reading this thinking who on earth would make such fundamental mistakes – but it is easily done. I do it myself, and always read back through a website home page a day or two later to check. You tend to only think of words you associate with your business – which can often be trade terms or brand names and quotes, and forget the more simpler words someone may use who doesn’t yet know your service or produce exists.

Typically, a customer will email me a week after their website has gone live, and ask me why they cannot find their website when they search for A,B or C. Chances are, when I look at the text they gave me to put on their home page – there is mention of A,B or C only X,Y and Z.

So what is the best way to convey your text onto the web page? Well, the important thing is that you make sure any keywords are in the very first opening sentence of the text on your web page. You can expand on other areas of your business in the second paragraph onwards.

Its also good to get into the habit of using special styles to highlight important keywords. This not only makes the words stand out to the customer, but also Google payms more attention to words that are within the <strong> or <h1> tags. Your Website Designer should take care of that.

For example, taking our friends the Gardeners; I would expect their home page to feature the following as their very first paragraph.

Gardener in Poole, Dorset

Hello, welcome to Flo’s Garden Services. I am a Gardener in Poole, Dorset and provide a range of services to help you keep your garden or patio looking good, including weeding, mowing, pruning and planting of a wide range of flower, shrubs, trees and bushes…

Take care to be sure you use good grammar, remembering to use capitals, commas and other punctuation as appropriate. Frequent, obvious errors are certain to put potential customers off calling you.

Get the text right, and other SEO methods will work much more effectively.

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Dan Ashton is the Google Ranked #1 Website Designer in Poole and Dorset, and provides affordable and jargon free services and support to small businesses and clubs throughout the UK and Europe. Dan began designing websites in 1998 and has been involved in creating and running websites ever since with experience in Search Engine Optimisation, Wordpress CMS Websites and promoting websites via Social Media including Facebook and Twitter. Follow @danashton on Twitter or facebook.com/websitedesignpoole for tips on running and marketing your own website.