How to choose a Domain Name

How to choose a Domain Name

A domain name is what someone types into their internet browser address bar to view your website. It is also what you will use on your stationary and other marketing to tell people you have a website, for example or . Its important you get this right. Its not easy to change once your website is built.

Always choose a domain name that is unique to you, easy for people to remember and spell. Never use complicated spellings and spaces. If the domain name you want isn’t available – think of something completely different. You do not want people typing in your domain name, but getting part of it wrong and going to somewhere completely different.  If you have a brand or business name you are know for, try and use or include that. Don’t make it too long either. You need to make it as easy as possible for people to be able to find your website. Imagine if you where giving your website address to someone over the phone on a poor line…

“Yes, its . That’s Busy, with a Z, then a dash, not an underscore, then bees with a Z, no spaces day care nursery, then a dash, Poole. Oh, but don’t forget the Poole and make sure you type .com , otherwise you’ll go to our competitors website down the road”. 

Domain names, as with hosting can be purchased online from a range of service providers including Fasthost, 1and1, UK Reg and so on. But you may find it easier to let your website designer take care of this for you to save you the hassle. If you do end up registering your own domain name, make sure you use a genuine UK based company and always use a domain name as your main URL if your business or website is mainly or only targeting the UK. A .com should only be used for websites that are aimed world wide, or rather, not only the UK.

If anyone is registering a domain name on your behalf, make sure they do this in your name. That way you are the legal owner of the website name.

Remember, you will need to renew your domain name usually, every 12 months. If you fail to do so, it may become available for anyone to buy and you could loose your website forever.

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